Purging accounts from PIMS

Purging accounts from PIMS

You can delete/Purge accounts from PIMS by using a combination of the internal filter and a specific system job named PIMS - Purge Accounts.
  1. Navigate to Tools > internal filter and build the criteria for accounts you would like to delete.
    (first ensure that no other accounts have there purge flag set to true)

2. Once you have identified the accounts you would like to purge, select the blue Apply button on the right navigation bar.
(selecting apply can perform a change on the identified accounts, in this case we are going to change the purge flag to true)

3. After selecting the Apply button, update the purge flag to true for all accounts identified by the internal filter. 

once updated navigate to Tools > System Jobs and use the action menu button to the right to run the system job called PIMS - Purge Accounts.

once complete, all your accounts should be deleted.
To confirm you can head back to the internal filter and search for all those accounts again and they should be gone.